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May 18, 2011

A Book of Remembrances in Honor of Keith Aoki

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Jamie Boyle has made available a book he produced remembering our UC Davis colleague Keith Aoki, available for $10.05 (at cost).

Keith Aoki: 1955-2011 Life as the Art of Kindness, A Remembrance (Paperback)

The book, produced by Duke Law Professor Jamie Boyle, with Duke's Jennifer Jenkins and Balfour Smith, offers remembrances of UC Davis Law Professor and graphic artist Keith Aoki, who passed away from a terminal illness this year. There are remembrances from John Perry Barlow and countless law professors across the country, in fields such as intellectual property and critical race theory. The book includes a dazzling array of Twitter messages, including one from Larry Lessig, on the day of Keith's passing. And it includes some great cartoons done by Keith, as well as art from his early years. A beautiful tribute from a few of the many who loved Keith.