April 8, 2018

King Hall Faculty Perform at Annual Aokirama

On Friday, April 6, UC Davis School of Law professors took the stage during the Aokirama (formerly Cardozorama) law school talent show! The student-organized Aokirama, named for the late Professor Keith Aoki, brings together students (and faculty cameos) for a night of skits, talent, and musical performances. One of the biggest hits of the evening was the band Negotiable Instruments, featuring:

  • Professors Angela "Malice Aforethought" Harris, Anupam "Crime Against Humanity" Chander and Madhavi "Patent Infringement"Sunder (faculty vocalists)
  • Professor Rose "Adverse and Hostile" Cuison Villazor (drums)
  • Professor Cappy "Boycott" White (guitar)
  • Professor Carlton "Treason" Larson (piano)   
  • Guest student vocalist, Tyler "So-Not-a-Gunner" Moran (2L)

Professors Lisa Ikemoto and Irene Joe were on stage, as well as Professor Cuison Villazor's daughters.

View the full performance on YouTube

Several King Hall faculty members attended Aokirama 2018