August 29, 2014

Top Tips for Authors on Law Review Submissions from UC Davis Law Review Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations to UC Davis Law Review Editor-in-Chief Amar Naik '15 for being cited on the Scholastica Blog.

In an entry titled, "Home Run Law Review Submissions: Tips for Authors," Naik offers excellent advice to legal scholars submitting their work to leading journals.


"For Amar Naik of UC Davis, the early swing packs the hardest hit. 'If you apply too late in the game you might miss out on some of the top journals,' he said. Naik added that authors should refine their manuscripts as much as possible. 'There are some situations where you can’t, because the research season is pretty short for professors and they have other obligations,' he said."

"A common concern along with submission timing is whether authors should tailor the length of their articles to meet journal needs, with moves towards shorter submissions in recent years. Naik said he thinks authors shouldn’t worry about article length when writing submissions. 'The best articles that we see are the ones that have a detailed and rigorous discussion of a topic,' he said. 'If we think an article is well thought out and researched we’re going to consider it, even if it might be shorter or longer than a traditional article.'"

To read the full article, visit the Scholastica Blog.